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Monday, March 14, 2016

Fast Metabolism Food RX

I decided to read this book because I've seen the author, Haylie Pomroy, on Dr. Oz quite a bit and I always liked her advice. In this book she uses food as medicine to help with many different issues that all stem from metabolism upset. For example, GI issues (bloating, constipation, gas) and constant fatigue. Basically you eat certain foods at certain times of the day (her "prescription") to heal the metabolic pathways so you can digest and break down foods more effectively and feel better. The first bit of the book describes the way she fixed her own medical issues with diet. The chapters then go on to describe the food "prescriptions" (complete with recipes) and how to use them. I am glad to see she only recommends whole healthy foods but for me personally I would have a hard time following the prescriptions to a T. Definitely an interesting read if you are interested at all in how the body works or nutrition! Thanks again to Blogging for Books for sending me this book free to review!