"It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all." -Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mindfulness : A journal Review

Are you someone who loves to journal, or is looking for a bit of quiet introspection in your life? This journal is a great addition to your self-care arsenal. It's gorgeous and feels great in your hand, and I love the empowering quotes to ponder on the pages. The layout is great too, especially the little spot to jot down the date. I would recommend this Mindfulness journal for yourself or as a great gift for the person in your life who needs a little reminder to slow down. Thanks to Blogging For Books for letting me have this journal free for my honest review!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Even as a married woman, I like to read all sorts of feminist books about other's journeys. I found "Spinster" to be an interesting look at what has influenced our generations to decide to forgo marriage, and instead live a life for yourself, and ONLY yourself. I recommend giving it a read woman or not! Thanks to Blogging for Books for a free copy in exchange for my review. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Doodletopia : Manga ... A Review!!

I was really excited to see this Doodletopia : Manga book offered on Blogging For Books! I'm a bit of an anime fan (as is my little cousin who is getting this book ;) ). There are tons of activities to help your manga drawing abilities. Some have the character basically already drawn and you just fill in with their clothing or perhaps their facial expressions. There are also some pull out items (like bookmarks) that you can draw on and then use. It's pretty big for an activity book (159 pages to be exact) and each page has something on the back and front. Definitely a great gift for the doodlers in your life, especially the ones fond of anime and manga! Thanks again to Blogging For Books for giving me this book for free for my honest review! :)

Monday, June 6, 2016

The More of Less

"The More of Less" by Joshua Becker is a book I had been longing to read! I have been a long time fan of his blog, Becoming Minimalist, and am a bit of a minimalist myself! I really enjoyed how the book was broken down into different parts to guide you along your journey to minimalism. I also really enjoyed the personal stories he told about his own journey as well as some other minimalist's. I really recommend both this book and Josh's blog to anyone who is curious or wants to learn more about minimalism!
As always, a big thank you goes to Blogging for Books who sent me this book for free for my honest review!