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Friday, July 15, 2011

Milspouse Fill In #49

I haven't done one of these in a few weeks (oops...) but I'm looking forward to participating again in Wife of a Sailor's fill in! If you want to give it a go hop on over to her blog and link up. Here it goes;

1. If you could have a private concert with any singer, who would it be? submitted by An Air Force Wife’s Blog
Ooh, tough one. I'm a big music dork so it's hard to narrow down. I'll go top 3; Gwen Stefani (but she can only sing No Doubt songs, thankyouverymuch), Dave Grohl, or Matt Skiba.

2. Is there anything you do to supplement your family’s income? submitted by Our Life, One Adventure at a Time
I do a lot of crafty type stuff but haven't had much luck selling yet. Since we're moving back home soon I haven't put a lot of roots down trying to find customers though, so it's mostly my fault.

3. During your pregnancy (whether past, present, or future), what did you nickname your unborn baby before you knew the sex? submitted by Explosions of Love
Not pregnant, no babies, but will probably come up with a totally ridiculous thing to call it. Just our dog alone has about 5 nicknames so I can only imagine. Or, depending on how my pregnancy goes, I'll just refer to it as the spawn.

4. Have you ever won a blog giveaway? If so what did you win? submitted by Mrs. O’s Life

Sadly, no, but it seems all the ones I enter have a large amount of entrants so my chances are lowered. I'll keep trying, though!

5. If I looked into your refrigerator right now, what would I find? submitted by Married to the Army
It's pretty slim pickins in there right now but off the top of my head I can tell you there are;
eggs from the farmer's market, skim milk, sweet tea, OJ, mozzarella, blueberry goat cheese, homemade chicken broth, blue cheese, tons of onions, whole wheat flour, an open jar of salsa and marinara sauce, and lots of condiments.

Until next time,

xoxo Stacie

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  1. Blueberry goat cheese? Sounds yummy! You may be the tenth milspouse I've read that has salsa in their fridge, lol! Love finding other milspouse blogs via MFF :)