"It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all." -Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, June 20, 2011

"If you don't have anything nice to say....

...don't say anything at all." That's how I've felt the last couple weeks hence my blogging sabbatical. Things around this crazy household are at a fever pitch with Mr. Marine's EAS date fast approaching. There are some things I am thankful for learning in my time as a marine wife but mostly it's made me want to pull my hair out. With the end in sight we're excited but at the same time scared and stressed with the unknown.

One very good thing that has come out of all of this crazy unknown business is that we are trying harder than ever to save money. During my husband's two deployments I saved like CRAZY (I am a penny pinching cheapskate frugal kinda gal) and we have an amazingly good chunk of savings. With the end of a steady paycheck looming we have more reason than ever to save every single penny we can. With neither of us being big spenders the only place I can find to scrimp is in our food budget.

I am already saving tons in that department by avoiding convenience foods and cooking from scratch whenever possible. Still I think we buy too many extras and end up wasting some food. I sometimes spend up to 100$ a week (that also includes toiletries cleaning items) for two people. That is so unacceptable!

So, to curb all this crazy food spending I am giving myself the very lofty goal of spending only 50$ per week on groceries, toiletries, and cleaning products. To reach this goal I am going to have to embrace all my creativity and meal planning skills. I'll have to shop sales and use coupons when available. I'm going to try to make most of those foods we love (popsicles, bread, popcorn) from scratch. Most importantly, we are going to have to learn to go without! Each week I am going to post my meal list and whether or not we stuck to our budget (or even came in under budget).

My meal list for this week;

Monday - Pasta Primavera
Also a "pantry buster" for that random veggie soup packet hanging around in the back of the spice cupboard.

Tuesday - Classic Tomato Spaghetti
From Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" cookbook. Seriously, if you don't already have this cookbook go out RIGHT NOW and buy it. I have never owned a cookbook where I wanted to try every single recipe. Plus, the pictures are amazing.

Wednesday - Butternut Lasagna
I found this on an amazing blog and have been dying to try it. I picked up a butternut squash at the farmer's market just for this recipe.

Thursday - Ground Turkey Tacos
Using this amazing taco seasoning instead of the overpriced and over salted packet stuff.

Friday - Taco Salad
For this taco salad I am tricking my husband by using veggie crumbles instead of the fatty meat counterpart. Just don't tell him....

Saturday - Homemade Cheese Pizza
With a homemade whole wheat crust. My mouth is watering already.

I've just written out my grocery list and I'm heading to the store shortly. Let's see if I can make it through week one on my new budget!

Until next time,

xoxo Stacie


  1. Good luck with your food budget! :)

    Couponmom.com and couponcloset.com have some good coupons. I don't use couponcloset because the stores they utilize aren't in the state I live in, but a friend of mine who uses it saves over $100 a month on stuff.

    Also, the commissary is coming out with an electronic coupon thingie this fall. :) Check out their website for details.

  2. Oh, and making your own bread can save a ton of money too. :)

    Thanks for the link for the seasonings. I make my own taco seasoning (and other seasonings too), but I checked out the link and there's stuff on there that I haven't tried yet. :)

  3. sounds like a yummy meal list! I shop for every 2 weeks & we have an incredibly strict meal plan so when I write out our grocery list we can't get anything if it isn't on the list. Plus it helps with the never ending question "what should we have for dinner?" Good luck!

  4. We're also trying hard to save money too. I find getting my husband to the same saving place I'm in is always the hardest. The food budget is always the place that we can easily make adjustments. Good luck to you and I will probably be scoping out some of your meal ideas.

  5. Tegan - I'll definitely check out those coupon sites. Oh yes, I am a huge bread baking freak. It saves money and store bought pales in comparison. I have found SO MUCH STUFF on Premeditated Leftovers that I want to try. Glad you like the site too!
    Lydia - I am so jealous of shopping every two weeks. I always end up running out of "fresh" stuff (veggies, fruits, milk) after the first week plus I'm a sicko who likes grocery shopping. Yes! I hate staring at a cabinet with no clue what to make.
    Shelley - Thanks and I hope you find some recipes and ideas that help you out too!