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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Result

My commissary bill came to $33.11! I am very excited. I definitely think this a budgeting goal I can reach. I used two coupons but also swapped a few things to save money. We are huge popcorn eaters in this house. When looking at the store I realized how expensive the convenience of microwave popcorn is. So instead of buying a 3 pack of microwave popcorn for $1.50, I bought a 2 pound bag of popcorn kernels for $1.19. So we'll be breaking out our inherited air popper and mixing up some seasonings using my spice cabinet. Cheaper and healthier too!

I did mix up the menu nights a bit and last night we had ground turkey tacos with homemade taco seasoning. My husband and I both agreed they were the BEST TACOS EVER! I also added a can of rinsed and drained black beans into the meat mixture which bulked up the fiber content of our dinner while also stretching the meat further. We both ate a hearty dinner and had leftovers for lunch plus there is more meat for my husband to munch on when he gets home from work.

One thing I've learned from shopping with my mom is to pick up an extra box of pasta or extra can of beans every shopping trip so that you often have basic staples constantly in your pantry. This week I'm relying heavily on my pantry for pasta, pasta sauce, and diced tomatoes. I've also bought ingredients this week that can be used in multiple recipes (like the salsa both for tacos and taco salad). I'm also utilizing tomatoes, green beans, and basil from my balcony garden! A few plants go a long way in saving money. I also cannot stress enough how important a great spice cabinet is in keeping your food interesting while on a budget. Cheap foods like whole chickens, rice, potatoes, and beans can all be jazzed up with different seasonings to make them different and exciting.

I am looking forward to next week and seeing if I can stay under budget even after a visit to the farmer's market. Wish me luck! Also, if you have any inexpensive recipes you'd like to shoot my way I'd be happy to try them!

Until next time,
xoxo Stacie

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