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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hookin' and Other Fun Stuff

HOORAY! My taxes are done! I got home from work yesterday and after running a few errands I sat down and did both Federal and State. I'm super excited because we're getting a bit more back than I expected which is actually deserved considering that the Marine Corps didn't reimburse us for most of our move. So glad to wash my hands of that, seriously.

On another good note my husband went from unemployed to having two jobs! One in pretty far away, which stinks especially in winter but it will open more opportunities and doors for him farther down the road so we'll make it work for now. Hopefully in a few weeks we can meet with the loan officer and see what our mortgage options are. There is a house right down the road from my parents that is really perfect, basically turn key there's nothing that needs to be done to it, but it's a little higher priced than what we'd like to spend. Maybe since it's been on the market awhile so they'll come down in price. Take a look. I'd like a little more land, but with that amount we could do everything we want so there's no need to have more just to pay more taxes.

Like always, I've been hookin' like a madwoman! I finished these cute slippers along with another yellow and green pair for myself.

Since my mom learned to knit she hasn't crocheted much so she has a half finished blanket she's going to give me to finish, so that's my next project. I still want to make a giant ripple stitch afghan for the bed (like this awesome one) but the yarn cost really just isn't in the budget right now. I still have so much yarn to use up I think I'll just stick with little projects for now. 

I've also been cooking a lot more, which is nice. I budget fifty dollars a week for groceries and almost every week I am under budget. I should probably post some recipes here because who doesn't love cheap good food? I made stuffed cabbage casserole (based off this recipe) and everyone loved it and there was plenty for all four of us and leftovers. Plus, it was super inexpensive and relatively healthy because I switched the ground beef out with ground turkey. I'm so good at being poor! 

Well, that's all that's new in this neck of the woods. Does anyone out there have any cheap recipes they want to share? I'm open to trying new things!

Until next time,

xoxo Stacie

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