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Sunday, April 14, 2013

A duckie update

These ducks are out of control! In three weeks they have at least tripled, if not quadrupled in size and are ready now to venture in the great outdoors. Our Sunday plans include picking up some rebar and fencing and putting them in an old plastic dog crate (until the husband finishes up their permanent house) so they can enjoy the spring grass and bugs. They are getting more adult feathers everyday and we are beginning to hear hints of quacking. I really can't believe how fast they grow as opposed to chicks. It's almost overnight!

Did you say we're going OUTSIDE?

Here's a updated pic from their cage under the brooder. My dad lent us his sweet rig, which is a brooder on top, with two wire cages below for when the chicks/ducklings/goslings get too big for the brooder but still need some time before they go outside. Let me tell you, I am ready. I can deal with poop but duck poop is just something else entirely in it's grossness. They are, 'just being ducks', as a friend of ours reminded me but it'll be nicer when they are 'just being ducks' outside and not all over the floor of the garage. We have been know to have predators around since we are in a pretty heavily wooded area so for now we are going to have them close to our bedroom window so we or the dogs can hear any nighttime disturbances. 

What are your plans for this Sunday? We're also heading over to my parents to load up the arbor they've been holding for us since our wedding. I can't wait to put it up in our yard and plant some morning glories to climb on it. We're also going to swing by tractor supply...maybe they'll have more ducks? I will have no self control if there are Indian Runners! Well, here's to hoping you all have a fabulous Sunday afternoon.

Until next time,
xoxo Stacie

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