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Friday, May 17, 2013

Where the green things are

I am so awful at keeping this blog up! This time of year I have no goals but to go to work, come home, and dig in the dirt. I find it really hard to stay cooped up and write when there is sod to be broken and raised beds to be built. In the morning I have about twenty minutes of quiet coffee drinking and computer time so my new goal is to try and get a little something written during that small window. Here we go!

Our ducks are HUGE! My husband set up a new pen with a pretty sweet gate he made from stuff laying around. We still can't tell their sexes for sure but a few days ago when wrangling them we heard the male raspy noise coming from at least two. The ladies are big 'ol loudmouths quacking like the world is ending. 

The new setup

We have one Silkie hen who has been laying on eggs in the rabbit barn, although we are crossing our fingers we aren't quite sure they are fertilized.  Time will tell! Of course the airmail chickies are doing great in the brooder. We've lost two, bringing the total down to fourteen. Keep your fingers crossed we have more hens than roosters!

Here they are, growing slowly
As far as the garden goes, things are taking off quickly. We had a couple days of heavy rain we really needed and things shot right up. The garlic looks fantastic with the shallots close behind. The potatoes have popped out and may have to be hilled soon. I've got to make some bean teepees this weekend because the peas are about three inches tall and if we get more rain I could blink and have them crawling every which way. Our beloved kale (both kinds) are getting large and beautiful. I can't wait to eat them! I'm getting my asparagus bed ready this weekend since I've got to pick up the crowns I ordered at the extension office this Saturday. Of course, I've still got a multitude of direct seed things to plant as well as a ton of seedlings that are quietly awaiting their time in my south facing window. It's just hard starting a garden from scratch when all you've got is sod. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and rabbit poop.

Welcome to the jungle!
There's an update on what's going on around here. How about you guys? Any greenery sprouted? Any new baby animals?

Until next time,
xoxo Stacie

I have no shame! I'll leave you with this embarrassing picture ;)

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